Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Pack Breaks: Terminator 2 FilmCardz

It's amazing the things you find when you do a little cleaning. This pack was a nice little bonus an eBay seller included with a package of non-sport sets I purchased. Although the "FilmCardz" are not your typical design, this is an excellent set with lots of possibilities. A couple years ago I grabbed four boxes cheaply with hopes of a Robert Patrick or Linda Hamilton autograph. First pack - Robert Patrick!

The main card image is sort of like a slide in that they're double-sided. Film viewers could be bought separately to light the cards up. There's only limited text on the card backs, but I still like the unique look of them and wish Artbox would do some more.

So when I got this pack, there was hope for a solid autograph or a costume card.

Let's find out.

21. A Frightened John Connor
57. Unstoppable
64. Hole in the Head

39. Foreseeing the Future

Cyber Etch CE06. Close Behind

06. Miles Dyson

No autographs. No costumes. But that card with the Terminator's hole in the head is a definite keeper.

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