Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Allen & Ginter Mammoth is Woolier Than Once Thought

Turns out the "DNA" card of the woolly mammoth in 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball is either harrier than they thought, there was a screw up in the Eisner house or the DNA has in fact been used to clone more woolly mammoth cards. Topps hyped the animal hair card as being a one-of-one. In actuality, it's one-of-10 as confirmed by Topps themselves today. I would have figured that the process of gathering the hair, cutting it, printing the cards and putting the hair inside the card may have been a little time consuming to be overlooked and going from making one copy to 10 seeing as how it has been advertised as a one-of-one for months. I guess not.

Other notes from the Topps press release:
• Team Orange: 10 cards, 1:6 boxes
• Fukudome is shortprinted
• The Bigfoot Cabinet Box Topper AUTOgraph with the tire marks is limited to 200 copies.

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