Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More B-Celebs Than a Surreal Life Reunion

2008 Donruss Americana II Private Signings autographs gallery has been posted.
Over the past few days I have been scrambling madly to gather images of the recently released 2008 Donruss Americana II Private Signings autographs. The set consists of 135 cards with serial numbers ranging from 1200 all the way down to one (yes, there is only one possible complete set). Honestly, I'm stoked to see Gary "Wach' You Talkin' About, Willis?" Coleman. It will compliment my 2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Spectrum of Star autograph of Todd "Willis" Bridges nicely. A few other highlights for me: Kurt Russell, Jake LaMotta, Richard Dreyfuss, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (but it's a redemption), Gary Sinise and JOHN CUSACK! There's a few good ones that signed for Donruss' Celebrity Cuts like Quentin Tarantino too that are given the Private Signings format that continues numerically from the initial Americana release.

Overall, I'm moderately impressed with the checklist however there's still far too many parallels and I'm not a fan of the $40 SRP. Like both of Donruss' previous pop culture releases I'll stick to honing in on a couple of choice signatures I'd like to add to my collection rather than risk getting Joe Millionaire or an early and forgettable American Idol send off from way back in season four who already has an autograph from Fleer.

I still have to find a few images, but I thought I'd share for those who love autographs of former stars, one-hit wonders and people you've never heard of before.


Gellman said...

I already bid on an Albert Brooks, he is so funny and great on the simpsons and a whole slew of movies. "Judging Your Life" is one that comes to mind...

Ryan Cracknell said...

The Brooks is another good one. It looks like the Cusack is out of my price range right now. I've heard he has another autograph coming from UD for IGOR, an animated film he's doing. I suspect that one will have the cartoon character on it, which I'm not overly interested in.