Thursday, August 07, 2008

Things Heard on the Way Back from the Park (as in Playground)

This post has nothing to do with sports, cards or sports cards. Rather, it's a transcript (taken from memory so I may have a couple of quotes off by a word or two) of a conversation my three-year-old daughter and I had walking back from flying a kite at the park.

"Daddy, do birds poop?"

"Yes, dear. All birds poop."

"Birds poop?"


"Do robins poop?"

"Robins are birds, so yes, robins poop. All animals poop."

We walk by a street sign.

"Do signs poop?"

"Signs don't live so they don't poop."

A butterfly flutters by.

"Caterpillars poop. Do butterflies poop?"

"Yes, Evelyn, they do."

"How about trees. Do they poop?"

"No, but they have sap. So if trees pooped that would be the closest thing."


After that the rest of the walk home was pretty quiet. I think this is the first time in my life poop has been the highlight of my day.

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