Friday, August 08, 2008

My First and Second-to-Last Post on Brett Favre

By now you know that football legend Brett Favre has been a busy guy these past few months. After getting knocked out of the playoffs he went home and decided to hang 'em up - as in retire. Somewhere in the next couple of months he found his smile again and decided he still wanted to play. His former team, the Packers moved on. But Brett stomped his feet a couple of times. His no comment comments to the media were filled with meaning, which fueled more news stories. And wouldn't you know we had a soap opera on our hands that couldn't have been scripted better by Vincent Kennedy McMahon and the folks at WWE.

Long story short, Favre kicks dirt long enough to get a trade that sent him (and his now tarnished legacy) to New York where he's instantly become the biggest name quarterback for the Jets since "Broadway" Joe Namath.

My feelings about the whole saga can be summed up in one word:

But when you have a soap opera story and a big-name player going to a new team you just know that the card companies are going to be racing to get the first to get Brett the Jet. If I were updating my Facebook status, it'd read

Upper Deck and Donruss both seem to have it figured out with the first cards of Favre holding a Jets jersey already in production. But Upper Deck got a one-up on the cute factor (read: don't care). They've created a "By the Letter" manufactured letter patch insert set where collectors can spell:

In case you're wondering, the patch letters will be out later this month with 2008 Upper Deck Icons football. His first in-uniform Upper Deck card won't be available for a couple of months.

And for all you puzzle fans out there's combinations galore. In honor of Brett, the Jets, Madden '09 and the Topps Favre card with him cutting the lawn, there's going to be a contest posted tomorrow. So get your thinking caps ready.

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