Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oddball Alert: Packers Helmet Card Collection Released

I just came across an article in the Manitowoc Herald Times that gives the details on a new set of Green Bay Packers cards produced by Upper Deck and available through newspaper vendors. Through December 9, there's a coupon in each paper that, when presented alongside $3.29, can be redeemed for that day's card. Sunday papers will include bonus coupons in case a day is missed. The set contains 24 cards. The article also mentions a free holder to keep the cards in.

I'm really digging the design with the big honking plastic helmet. The football collectors out there might want to help me out, but I'm pretty sure there were similarly designed cards in the sport's Sweet Spot equivilent.

It's sets like these that the hobby needs. It's relatively inexpensive if you go day-by-day, it showcases how cards have changed and it should be readily available for all who want to go after it (at least those living in and around Wisconsin).

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