Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Yankees' Class Struggle

Mark Teixeira is apparently a Yankee. Eight years, $180 million.

In the past I've rooted against the Yankees but never hated them. Now I do. For a team that demands their players carry a certain image, wear their hair a certain length, etc. the Yankees as an organization are not showing a lot of class for baseball and professional sports in general.

It's plain to see that the Yankees front office is doing whatever they can to make sure their franchise is a contender next year. Whatever the expense. It's an important year, with the new stadium and all. They've got the revenue streams so why not spend it? I get all that, but it still disgusts me.

In a time when other teams are buckling down and preparing for tough economic times, the Yankees are going through as much cash as they are toilet paper. In the last week they've commited more than $400 million to three players. The signing of Teixeira comes one day after it was announced they owed $26.9 million in luxury taxes. The Florida Marlin's entire payroll was less than that.

Sorry to all those Yankees fans out there. I've joined the nation of haters. It's not a jealousy thing. It's all about class. The guy below, he was classy.

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