Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now This is a "Near Set"

I was just checking out to see how 2008 Upper Deck Documentary was faring on eBay and came across this self-proclaimed "near set. The price seems pretty fair given the number of boxes one would've had to have busted to amass 3,000 singles. But can you consider it a near set when you're still 1,900 cards short?

I still love the idea of Documentary - a card for every game of a team's season. If the Expos were still around I might've been in for a box. I hope the concept sticks around but maybe distributed in factory set to help ease the pain and frustration of team collectors, the assumed target for this set.

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gcrl said...

i had high hopes for this product and was quite disappointed. here's my review: http://garveyceyrusselllopes.blogspot.com/2008/12/call-this-mockumentary.html
don't waste your money.