Monday, January 05, 2009

That's My Boy! or I'm in BIG Trouble : (

Last week while doing some post-Christmas shopping I found an opportunity to scoot away with my son and grab a couple packs of cards. While I got a swift kick, I grabbed Ethan his first pack of baseball cards from the Dollar Bin - 1995 Topps DIII. I figured he might dig the three-dimensional effects of the cards and he did. From his pack he got a Tim Wallach (nice Expos memories, even if he's pictured with the Dodgers), Denny Martinez (another former Expos great pictured with another team) and Barry Larkin (who wishes he was an Expo, I'm sure). Ethan took an immediate liking to the Wallach so he might grow up to be a Dodgers fan. I can live with that. For the next couple of hours he toted that Wallach around with him sitting in his stroller. He stared at it, he shook it, he tried to eat it. It was clear he caught the bug. My wife's mantra is one card collector's enough. I'm in big trouble.

Well, to confirm his "bug" we made another two-hour trip to the city and went back to the mall. I avoided the kick ang grabbed Ethan two more packs. He was in love still. This time it was Carlos Garcia who got the love in the stroller but when we got home he was all about Bob Hamelin.

I decided that Ethan and I are going to work on this set together and ordered a box. It's a small set so it should keep my wife appeased for the time being until he's a bit older and the cards mean more than bad 3-D effects. Still, it's a start and I'm excited.

He's Ethan clutching his Hamelin, looking all sweet and then showing it off all proud like.

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