Sunday, February 08, 2009

Catching Up and Getting Organized

With Spring Training comes a little Spring cleaning. It's been a hectic month as I've been settling into a new position at work while still working the old duties as the search was on for a new staff member. In the meantime my desk at home has become a hodge podge of this and that and neglected goodies. I'm working on getting that tidied and organized so I can go into Spring Training with a clean desk (Or, more likely, a new batch of goodies rather than a card of Pinocchio from a Shrek the Third oddball set staring at me every night when I get home from school. I said it was a hodge podge of cards, so don't ask.).

Speaking of Spring Training, I might actually be able to take some in as I'm off to Phoenix for a conference in 13 days, which is about when Arizona is going to be hopping with the early sounds of summer. While I'd love to make it to a session or exhibition game, I don't know if the schedule is going to allow for it but if all goes well I will be catching my hometown man Steve Nash take on the Celtics, which will be my first NBA game since the Vancouver Grizzlies innagural season.

I'm hoping to post a couple of box breaks this week and they're doozies: 1993 Upper Deck Fun Packs, complete with mascot holograms and glow-in-the-dark Kirby Pucketts and 2007-08 In the Game O Canada Hockey - a patriotic take on how a company can make a major set without a professional license. I also have thoughts on steroids bouncing around in my head again that I might get around to, as well as whatever else presents itself.

Finally, way back in at the start of the year Matt F. did a blogging marathon which saw him make a pile of posts in a couple of days. Part of the fun was the many generous contests he offered. One such contest I was fortunate enough to win. Here's my prize:

A 2008 Bowman Chris Seddon Blue Border Autograph (272/500). Note the pretty on-card signature. Let's hope there's more on-card goodness throughout the year.
I owe another HUGE thanks to John A. for ANOTHER shipment of Expos, which included some vintage O-Pee-Chee!

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