Friday, March 06, 2009

Babe Ruth Game-Used and Mickey Mantle Autographs Included in Upcoming Non-Sport Set

For the ast three years it's been celebrity figures, politicians and other subjects normally relegated to the non-sport end of the hobby that has been invading sports sets.With Breygent's upcoming Classic Vintage Movie Posters: Stars, Monsters, Comedy, it's the other way around. Amid all the costume cards will be game-used pieces from none other than Babe Ruth.

As the title suggests, the set will offer two costume or memorabilia cards in every box. Set against a backdrop to the poster for 1927's little known Babe Comes Home is a piece of a Yankee Stadium brick. Cool, but not entirely exciting as it's somewhat generic. Better known in Hollywood baseball lore is the classic The Pride of the Yankees. The card features something a lot more enticing: a piece of Ruth's bat. There's a second card for Pride of the Yankees that has both a bat piece and a brick. If the cards are anything like the mock ups from the sell sheet shown below, they're definitely not the size sports collectors are used to. In fact, the memorabilia pieces are pretty ugly against the painted poster backdrop.


That's not the only baseball content in Classic Vintage Movie Posters. There'll also be a Mickey Mantle Cut Signature card. Breygent does things a little differently with their Cut Signatures - they keep the entire signature intact. To do so they mount the autograph on one side of the card and provide a grphic on the card front. Here's it's the poster for Safe at Home! 

 So while you might not get the picture and the signature all at once, the beauty of the autograph is presevered. Breygent also releases some of their cuts on oversized cards as box and case bonuses to further ensure the signature is maintained.

Classic Vintage Movie Posters has already been delayed a couple of times but is currently on track for an April release.

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