Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gallery: 2009 Topps Baseball Legends Commemorative Patch Cards

I was lucky enough to escape the cold Canadian winter last week and head down to Phoenix. While a trip to Spring Training wasn't meant to be, I did make it to Target and sampled every type of pack offering they had for 2009 Topps Baseball (rack pack, cereal box and blaster). While this may not seem like much to most, any baseball cards to this Canadian from a store is always fun.

From my blaster I got this:

Although it was no Babe Ruth (that was the Gold Refractor card from the cereal box), I thought these looked pretty neat - much better than most of the Upper Deck manufactured patch cards that often have a tiny head shot photo at best. They seem to be solid sellers too, with most going for over $10 on eBay right now, which isn't bad considering a blaster is $19.99 and you get 10 packs with it was well. Had the checklist been smaller, I may have gone after the set, but 50 cards at $10-15 per seems a little steep, especially when the checklist has lots of repeat subjects.
I wanted to see more of the set so I've put together a gallery of the 50-card set. Click here to see the entire set or look below for a small sample.

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