Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Expos-ed by Tribe Cards

Last week I received a box overflowing with Expos cards courtesy of Tribe Cards. These were a surprise and a testament to his continued gerosity. Stacked, the cards were more than a foot tall and gave an excellent representation of the entire Expos history.

Here's just a small taste of some highlights. Really, it's just a mouse-like nibble with all the great stuff inside the box:

1996 Ultra Gold Medallion 232. Mike Lansing

This is my favourite use of gold foil ever. A lot of Ultra cards over the years were wrecked by their overuse of the shiny, making it hard to read names and teams. However, the one-per-pack 1996 parallels went to the extreme in a good way rendering the entire background in gold. This really makes the photo standout. The embossed Ultra logo in the background is like a cherry on top.

2003 Fleer EX 41. Jose Vidro
The scan doesn't do this card justice. Made of vinyl, this is one of the toughest cards I've seen. The hard, sharp corners could poke out an eye for sure if projected across a room ninja-star style. The white that you see is actually the top of my scanner bed as the backgrounds are clear. My one gripe - the jersey number in the top corner makes the card resemble a playing card.
1971 Topps 536. Claude Raymond

A trifecta hit of card-y goodness: Expo, Canadian-born player, vintage.

1986 Topps Tattoos Hubie Brooks and Andre Dawson
Yeah! Tattoos! Topps gets some major retroactive street cred here for including Hubie. Back in 1986 Dawson was a no-brainer but Hubie was simply a better-than-average outfielder who'd muscled in 100 runs the year prior. Topps is still doing tattoos in lots of their non-sport sets, so why not bring them back to baseball. You say you want more kids collecting and there's no greater pledge of allegiance than a sharp temporary tattoo.
Thanks again!

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--David said...

You are VERY welcome! I'm glad they got there safe and sound. I agree that Topps should bring back the baseball temp tatts!