Monday, May 18, 2009

The First UD Jeter Buyback Autograph has Surfaced - Suprise! They Screwed Up

I just noticed the first 2009 Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball Derek Jeter rookie buyback autograph has popped up on eBay. It's a nice looking card for certain, although something tells me that $1,499.95 is a little on the steep side.

And here's a picture of the Buyback slip that presumably came with it:
Way a gosh-darn minute. 1992 rookie card? Note to Upper Deck: it's a 1993 card. Normally, it'd be a simple error that's not a big deal. I know I mess up with my spelling regularly. We're all human. But this is the card that has been hyped in the set. And he's one of the faces of your company. I wonder how many copy editors this slipped past.


Mr P said...

You're 100% regarding the price. Very much on the steep side. From the photo it's hard to tell that its even him. Guess that's because he looked like he was 14 compared to how he looks now.

Joe said...

UD is firing a ton of their workers... this is what happens.

Billy said...

Well they messed up on the redemption card - but at least they got it right with the 93 card run..

Ended up selling for $1100, which I'm sure the guy was pumped with.. Doesn't surprise me tho, the '89 Griffey RC buybacks sell for almost a grand too I think..

On a side note, it's crazy how little of a demand there are for Clemens cards, vs. Griffey/Jeter.. Donruss did an auto buyback with Clemens '85 RC - they made 6.. Card # 1/6 sold for $95 on ebay, which is nuts with Griffey/Jeter selling for around $1000, with almost 100 of them..