Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Up in Smoke?

Like many collectors, for me there's no greater thrill than busting a pack or a box of a good product.On the flip side, bust something that's ugly, boring or too bloody expensive and the feeling of deflation can be unbearable.

I don't have the budget to bust a ton of boxes and my geographic location makes pack busting a treat, usually relegated to what repacks are available at WalMart (this being Canada, there's not many). So is this auction the ultimate in possible pack thrills or trouble waiting to happen? Is it even a pack?

$11,499 for a tobacco pouch - I knew taxes were bad but WOW! If this is the real deal and it hasn't been messed with, then there's some possible gold inside that there pouch. But read the description and you'll find that there might not be any T205 or T206 goodness inside, just century-old tobacco. But on the other hand, there might be multiple cards inside.

The tricky part is that there's so few pouches like this out there today (I'd think there'd be none but I've been proved wrong) so the number of genuine experts on the subject has to be pretty slim. Even the seller is reaching for hype when there's not a huge foundation for hope.

So let's pretend you're filthy rich and you can afford to send $11,499 literally up in smoke (in a worst case scenario), would you risk it on this pack/pouch? Or maybe pick up some mid-grade singles?


AlbuqwirkE said...

If I found it, say during a remodel, I would open it. But I would never purchase something like this.

dayf said...

11.5K would buy a whole lot of good quality single cards if that's what you really wanted. An unopened pack like this is far more rare and valuable than any card that could come out of it so it's really not worth opening. If you're hoping for a Wagner, none have been found with Drum backs anyway.