Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Pack Breaks: 2007 Topps Turkey Red Baseball

I made a trip to the city over the weekend and was able to find one three-pack re-pack thingy that caught my attention (the front pack in the blister cannot be Topps Opening Day if they want me to buy it): 2007 Topps Turkey Red. I haven't gotten into the Turkeys much, but when packs are rare it'll fix a fix.

Let's tear in:

77. Mickey Mantle, New York Yankees
The portrait presents a classy look for the legend, although Mantle looks a lot like a sad clown with the thick lines used to paint his face.
Next up, we've got a former Expos great sighting:

185. Vladimir Guerrero, Los Angeles Angels
Is it weird to still think it's strange seeing him in an Angels uniform?

140. Alfonso Soriano, Chicago Cubs
Aesthetically, this card and the Guerrero get my vote for the nicest looking cards in the pack. I especially like the warm autumn vibe I get with this one.
155. Alex Rios, Toronto Blue Jays
The only thing that stands out to me on this card is how strange a stance Rios has. Looks like it's in a Little League park. More of that to come.

93. Carlos Gomez, New York Mets
Umm, was Topps low on paintings where they couldn't find one where Carlos wasn't obstructing part of his face?
149. Joe Smith, New York Mets *Chrome* (1356/1999)
Plain name, plain card. But shiny! I normally like shiny, but it doesn't work so much with the artsy feel of the base set.
37. Edgar Renteria, Atlanta Braves
Another simple and relatively bland card. Is that a blurred out spaceship in the background? The mysteries of Turkey Red.

And finally...

164. Jorge Posada, New York Yankees
Ole' Jorge is hanging at the Little League diamonds with Rios it appears. A little less field would have done wonders for this card. The horizontal layout really works with the extended swing but there's so much genericness about the card it makes me sleepy. The lack of face and discernible jersey makes it look like it belongs in a Donruss baseball product, don't you think?

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William Noetling said...

I've been buying packs of 07 Turkey Red at the Rite Aid next to my wife's job, $2 for that and a pack of Opening Day typically, and they are nice cards to be honest, and you can't go wrong with a buck a pack.

BUT - yes, it is weird to think it's odd to see Big Daddy Vladdy in an Angels Uni, since he's been the FACE of the Halos franchise since he got there. If you lived in So-Cal, you'd know what I mean (there are billboards of him all over).

Personally I think it's odd to see him in an Expos uni, especially since the Expos no longer exist.