Saturday, June 06, 2009

Random Pack Breaks: 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum

Other than a couple of one-time celebrity autographs and a couple of Canadians I've received in trades, I hadn't touched a pack of Upper Deck Spectrum until a recent re-pack. I'll tear in and share my thoughts afterward.

22. Jermaine Dye, White Sox

82. Tim Linecum, Giants

23. Jim Thome, White Sox

Yankee Stadium Legacy 143. Herb Pennock

Yuck. They might be shiny, but definitely not in a good way.The blue and the smoky blacks just aren't doing it for me. It's all kind of stuck in the in-between of low end and high end (simply because it shines). The design looks like something out of SPx, another brand that appears dead.

I know I've only busted one pack, but Costco only gives me a little paper cup of ground pork and potato salad to make my decision on whether to buy or not. Let's just say I'm glad I didn't piss away $80-100 on this stuff when it came out last year.

The celebrity autograph gimmick is what sets this brand apart. I say if Upper Deck's going to continue it, do so but combine it with Piece of History and merge the two crappy brands into one, bringing over it's great idea but horribly executed movie costume cards.

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beardy said...

Yeah, I just busted a box of '09, and was left feeling empty inside.