Thursday, June 04, 2009

Random Pack Breaks: 2009 Bowman Jumbo

I'm a sucker for the jumbo pack. It's probably because I'm more into building sets than anything else so they offer me a lot of bang at a somewhat reasonable price. When I was in the city last weekend I had very little interest in 2009 Bowman Baseball, but without any Topps Series Two available in my neck of the woods and an opportunity to buy some new packs as opposed to Walmart repack leftovers, I jumped. Here's a jumbo pack with my random thoughts.

174. Collin Balester, Nationals
114. Aaron Rowand, Giants
46. Brian Roberts, Orioles
17. Ted Lilly, Cubs
130. Josh Johnson, Marlins

Five cards in and I'm not overly enthused. Generic pictures, pretty tame players. Let's continue.

213. David Price (sort-of) RC, Rays

I got a Price out of my only purchase of Bowman last year, except that one was had Chrome, Refractor and autograph goodness going for it. Still, I'll take it.

57. Johan Santana, Mets
102. Chris Iannetta, Rockies

Orange 29. Russell Martin, Dodgers (065/250)

It's always nice to get a card of someone you collect. Inserts make it a little sweeter.

The second half of the top-half veterans were nice. Now onto the guys I've never heard of, 90% of whom I'll never hear of beyond this pack. I've put their draft year and round in brackets, not that that's really any indication of the prospect status, although it helps.

BP79. Will Atwood, Nationals (12th round, 2008)
BP47. Jon Mark Owings, Braves (17th round, 2004)
BP45. Wilson Ramos, Twins (Free Agent, 2004)
BP75. Brett Oberholtzer, Braves (8th round, 2008)
BP63. David Genao, Rays (18th round, 2008)
BP40. Cristian Beltre, Diamondbacks (Free Agent, 2006)
BP88. Jose Barajas, Orioles (26th round, 2008)

The guys who were actually drafted average out around the 16th round. I'm not holding my breath that any Mike Piazza-types will emerge from the Prospects portion of the pack.

And now for a little juicing of the World Baseball Classic:

BW7. Gift Ngoepe, South Africa (Pirates) (Free Agent, 2008)
The WBC subsets are starting to grow on me, but only when I get a Canadian.

Gold BP58. Wilin Rosario, Rockies (Free Agent, 2006)
I saw the purpose of the gold parallels when they were decoy cards. Please retire them or switch back to International Foil.

The time has come for some Chrome.

BCP76. Pat McAnaney, Diamondbacks (8th round, 2008)
BCP42. Marc Rzepczynski, Blue Jays (5th round, 2007)
BCP25. Jeremy Hamilton, Phillies (5th round, 2008)
BCW9. Nicholas Weglarz, Canada (Indians) (3rd round, 2005) - another Canadian!
BCP80. Tommy Johnson, Mariners (27th round, 2008)
BCP3. Greg Veloz, Mets (Free Agent, 2006)

Other than the illustrious 27th rounder, the average round of the Chrome Prospects is definitely a little better. Time to finish with a few more vets.

151. Howie Kendrick, Diamondbacks
4. Chase Utley, Phillies
163. Aramis Ramirez, Cubs
88. Zack Greinke, Royals
179. Nick Markakis, Orioles
111. Nelson Cruz, Rangers
124. Nick Swisher and his ball balancing on the end of the bat trick, Yankees
131. Carlos Zambrano, Cubs

Overall, I think the design of 2009 Bowman Baseball is solid but not spectacular. It reminds me of a mix between 2008 and 1997. The black borders are clean and I definitely like that the design of the veterans and prospects are the same rather than the black and white designs from last year. Let's face it, although the numbering may differ, a true set of 2009 Bowman Baseball includes both the base set veterans and the prospects.

Getting two Canadians in the pack was a definite bonus. Interestingly, in getting Greinke, Lilly and Price, half of my starting rotation for my baseball pool were there to represent.

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