Monday, August 24, 2009

Negotiating the Contract

After much anticipation, this arrived in the mail today:

That would be a contract between Topps and John Jaha. The language suggests it's his second contract with the company, which makes sense as I missed out on another contract a few months ago.

The contract has all sorts of legal jargon that doesn't make a lot of sense and references a License Agreement. Overall, not very sexy stuff. But from a card collector's perspective - very cool. I need very few cards of Jaha's now and it's the more unique stuff that keeps my collection growing. Even my wife took a bit more than a token glance at this.

I bought the contract through the Topps Vault, which I've always wanted to use but they seemed to have a strict policy against bidders outside the US. So I went and lined someone up to receive the item (thanks BD) and proceeded to request before bidding ended that the contract be sent to someone else and they'd send it along to me. That was okay so I proceeded to bid away. I go and pay and low and behold, the Vault apparently can ship to Canada.

The contract was also accompanied by a nifty little certificate of authenticity just in case someone wanted to counterfeit a contract from a one-time AL Comeback Player of the Year.


paulsrandomstuff said...

Nice, one-of-a-kind item.

MattR said...

It would be cool to frame the contract, the COA, and Mr. Jaha's Topps cards.

--David said...

That is a very cool piece!!