Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inkworks' Leftovers Make for a Different Approach to Autographs

The fallout of the Inkworks closure continues. Prior to Inkworks' spring demise, they were primed for the release of Ghost Whisperer: Seasons One and Two, which revolved heavily around the first autograph cards of Jennifer Love Hewitt (10 years too late, in my book).

The combination of being close to release and having moved to a sticker autograph policy meant that there were signatures in-house but no cards to put them on. Breygent picked up where Inkworks began and got the first Ghost Whisperer set out a couple of weeks ago. The result for all but a couple of autographs is this:

It's kind of hard to tell by the thumbnail but Inkworks' stickers were very clearly from the company, having the logo plastered over and over in the holographic background. So what you have is an instance where one company is making the cards and another is offering up their autographs. Sure Upper Deck has used Topps cards for cut signatures, Rittenhouse Archives did a similar thing to make a Franken-auto of Arnold and others have done similar things to make more cuts, but something tells me that you won't see an instance like this again anytime soon.

Breygent did up the ante by adding a couple more autographs to the Ghost Whisperer set. There's also slight variants released in boxes sold exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con. These cards are discernable by the Con's logo on the back.

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