Sunday, October 25, 2009

Build Your Own Set: Mad Men Autographs

The critics, the Emmy voters, the Golden Globe voters and the show's rabid fanbase may love Mad Men, but there's not a lot of hobby love for the show or its stars. While I think the look of the cable show would carry over beautifully to cards, something tells me it probably won't make the hobby leap. So that leaves fans to comb through checklists and find cards of the show's stars.

Being a fan of autographs, I did just that. The results? Despite having a big ensemble cast, only two of the main players have appeared on certified autographs before.

The first is of the beautiful Christna Hendricks who plays Joan Holloway. Her autograph comes from Inkworks' Firefly set from 2006. Hendricks guest starred in two episodes of the short-lived Joss Whedon show.

The other autograph in the "Build it Yourself" Mad Men set is of Vincent Kartheiser who plays the young and motivated Pete Campbell. Kartheiser signed for Inkworks' Angel: Season Five set back in 2004.

So while a couple of the show's bigger stars have signed in the past, there's no Jon Hamm, January Jones or any of the other main cast.

I'd love to see a Mad Men set somewhere down the line. I won't hold my breath, but if someone like say, Breygent, is considering it, here's one vote for the license.

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kevincrumbs said...

I would love to see a Mad Men set also but I just don't think the demographic that watches the show collects trading cards and vice versa. From what I see, it's usually sci-fi themed shows along with animation and maybe some thiller/murder type shows.

Thanks for pointing out the the two actors who have cards. I might have to seek out the Vincent Kartheiser card.