Saturday, October 24, 2009

Replacement Report Card: Dexter: Premier Edition Costume Cards

About a month ago I got a couple of costume cards from Breygent's Dexter: Premier Edition that had an entire edge lifting due to some bad glue. This is a very common problem that Breygent has been very quick to correct for those requesting replacements.

The cards I sent back were DC2, a shirt worn by Astor, and DC8, a uniform shirt from Debra Morgan. They looked something like this:

Here's the exact two cards I received as replacements:

The Debra card is something of a non-issue. But look at poor Astor. The once full costume swatch has been replaced by a swatch the size of a Chicklet and pretty much destroys the ascetics of the card's otherwise cool design. Am I missing something here? Is this some sort of trim variant? The card does have an overlay that I don't think my damaged full-swatch card had so I guess to that end it is something of a variant.

On the plus side, Breygent did graciously include a couple of extras, which I always appreciate when sending replacements considering the effort and cost - even if it is menial - when you're expecting something in good condition. Inside the package were two packs of Ghost Whisperer: Seasons One and Two and a Promo 1 card for the upcoming Ghost Whisperer: Seasons Three and Four set.

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