Wednesday, November 11, 2009

iCardz Remembers Canada's War Contributions With Gorgeous Promo Cards

Today is a day where we remember those who fought for our countries and continue to make sacrifices for freedom and the good of humanity even today. Last year iCardz released their first set, Lest We Forget: D-Day, which celebrated the Canadian contributions on the beaches of Normandy. They're also putting the finishing touches on America at War: WWII, which I previewed in September. The manufacturer is also busy getting a follow-up Canadian set ready for the new year: Canada at War: WWI and WWII. To launch the set, iCardz produced a series of promo cards that were distributed in packs attached to a recent issue of Legion Magazine, a Canadian publication that celebrates the country's military and its veterans.

The promo set has a total of 20 cards plus two headers, one for each of the wars. iCardz was kind enough to pass along two of the promo packs to share. They each contained eight cards, seven from the numbered set and one header. Doing some quick math, it'd take three copies of the magazine and a little luck to complete the set. The cards are also skip numbered, so figuring out what you need could be a little difficult. Thankfully, some fine folks over at Non-Sport Update's Card Talk did their homework. The complete set of Canada at War: WWI and WWII promos has the following cards:

WWI Header
WWII Header

Design-wise, these cards are gorgeous. The photographs are intense and help tell the story of the wars. The images are sharp and appear to be digitally colored. The name plates and choice of fonts are both very classy. Red plates and backs are for WWI and WWII is accented with blue. Card backs are text driven and contain lots of information.

iCardz project manager Alastair Grant did let me know that these promos do not totally reflect the quality of the final cards. He mentioned the promos were printed in-house, which explains some of the chipping on the edges. The final release of the set will see improved cardstock printed on recycled paper.

Here is a look at some more of the Legion Magazine promos:


iCardz has an excellent site for their products that not only has info on the sets but links and content that compliments the cards.

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