Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Upper Deck Offers Appeasement for Upper Deck Icons Redemptions

Upper Deck has announced via Facebook that they're tossing collectors a bone for the wait on their 2009 2008 Upper Deck Icons Football redemptions. It seems that they've got some Letterman cards ready to ship out and have added a little something extra: one of six exclusive Brett Favre cards. Yup, six of them. And from the two they've shown, they look pretty swanky.

I'm glad they're doing this. Redemptions still suck but what better way to make them a little less sucky than with some swanky free cards.

If, for some reason you're not connected with Upper Deck on Facebook, they've been offering lots of good info.

(Edit to note that these are 2008 redemptions. What the heck, Upper Deck? Favre can play for the Jets, retire, make a Sears commercial, unretire, sign with the Vikings and  lead the team to an amazing start before you can get some unautographed Letterman cards produced. That's a production issue for the ages.)

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