Friday, December 04, 2009

Autographs of Oscar Nominees Mickey Rourke and Don Cheadle Headline Upper Deck's Iron Man 2 Release

In a press release highlighting the upcoming year's Marvel sets, Upper Deck let it slip that a couple of major headliners will be signing for their upcoming Iron Man 2 set. Mickey Rourke and Don Cheadle both appear to be autographing cards (please let them be hard-signed and not on stickers) for the set.

The set is based on the upcoming sequel to the 2008 super hero blockbuster. Rittenhouse Archives produced a set for the film and have already produced two autographs of Robert Downey Jr. (one for the main set as well as a variation sold direct), as well as Jeff Bridges. Upper Deck also promises costume and "equipment" (their language. I'm guessing props or armour similar to what Rittenhouse did with their set) cards.

Upper Deck's Iron Man 2 will release in April and will carry a $2.99 SRP for seven-card packs.

Here's a gallery of all the autographs from the original Iron Man set.

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