Saturday, December 05, 2009

iCardz Offers Christmas Present to America at War: Series 1 WWII and Band of Brothers Box Preorders

A couple of months ago I previewed iCardz's soon-to-be-released America at War set, a two-n-one kind of product that offers separate sets focusing on both the US involvement in World War II as well as looking at the real-life Band of Brothers made famous in recent years by the HBO miniseries. Just in time for Christmas, iCardz is offering collectors the choice of three bonuses with any box pre-orders through their website.

With each box, collectors can choose from the following:
  1. Two free promo cards.
  2. One Band of Brothers autograph (one should also be in the box itself).
  3. One hand-drawn sketch card from Ingrid Hardy.
Boxes are a little pricey at $89.95, but this is a limited release done by an independent producer. That's going to make banking on the secondary market pretty tough as well as I don't see a lot of dealers breaking these to resell.

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