Saturday, December 05, 2009

THIS is the Ugliest Card of 2009

2009 Topps American Heritage: Heroes Edition
64. Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail

This is in by no means a slight against the subject matter but rather the technical aspects of the card. It looks like I've blown the card up a lot. But look at the fineness of the Heritage logo. It's still in focus. This is one ugly picture that lacks even the most basic graphic design skills.

If you're a fan of the American Heritage line and have some kicking around the house, go and dig this card out. You'll notice the picture on the front looks like it's been blown up 20 times from a low resolution avatar. The pixelation is inexcusable.

With dayf's permission I propose that we hold a poll for the year's ugliest card. Start digging, folks, and get 'em posted. Then I say we collect all the nominees and vote. What do you say?


cynicalbuddha said...

keep em coming I like this ugliest card war you and dayf have going.

Ken said...

My lord. That is the ugliest card I've ever seen. How did that ever make it in to the set?

I suspect that is one of those things that started out as a joke at a round table meeting. It just kept being pushed forward and everyone kept laughing. Then it was simply assumed it wouldn't be part of the set but nobody bothered to actually remove it from the equation.

That's how the Cookie Monster talking t-shirt came about. You pressed a button on the t-shirt and Cookie Monster said "Keep on Truckin'". Believe me it didn't sound like Truckin'. Parents were not happy. The shirt was yanked from stores very fast.