Sunday, January 24, 2010

Super Sunday: Seabiscuit DVD Premiums

I'm going to start a new (hopefully) weekly feature called Super Sunday. It's where I'll look at some cards that don't fit the regular measurements. They might be regular sets like Tallboys or Star Wars Widevision or they could be oddball cards and non-card-related premiums. Whichever the case, if they're too big for traditional nine-pocket pages, they might find their spot on Super Sunday.

The week after Christmas I found myself in Walmart poking about through some sale DVDs. Rummaging over the $5 rack I came across a fancy version of Seabiscuit. I'm pretty sure it was made when Special Edition actually meant something with DVDs and came off after the mass release with all sorts of additional features and swag. Honestly, I don't remember much about the film other than it made me feel warm and fuzzy watching the underdog find success. I've got enough DVDs as it is so there wasn't much point adding this to the collection until I looked at the swag breakdown: Exclusive 32-page Photo Diary (meh), Senitype with Film Frame from the movie and matching photo (cool, but likely to never see the light of day), bookmark (which looks a lot like a poor man's money clip, perfect for a day at the track) and "Collectible cards featuring historical photos and background on the real characters" (sold!).

The picture on the back didn't mention whether or not it was a regular-sized card or a bigger, postcard size but I wasn't too concerned for $5. It turns out the cards are postcard sized, which seems fairly standard for oddball premiums unless a trading card manufacturer is involved and wants to advertise their sets.

In total four cards were included, each featuring a sepia-toned photograph on the front and a fairly extensive biography/historical account on the back. The card stock is fairly flimsy but still rather glossy. The trademark on the back shows the Equibase Company logo and shows a 2003 copyright.

You can click on the image for a larger version.


 War Admiral

 George "Iceman" Woolf

The Match Race

Thanks for checking out Super Sunday. Hopefully with seven days to plan I'll have another one up next week.

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deal said...

Nice find - well worth the 5 bucks.