Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lion King: Voltron Sketch Cards Coming From 5finity

When I was nine Santa brought me a massive box for Christmas. Could it have been that G.I. Joe Tomahawk helicopter I'd been asking for? Or maybe some off-road RC car with batteries that lasted about 10 before needing a charge. Nope. I got Voltron.

I watched a whole lot of TV growing up and loved just about anything that involved guns or lasers. But Voltron to me looked like some sort of Transformers rip-off. I never gave the lion robots a chance. It wasn't because the toy looked cool - it did - but probably more because my circle of friends was into G.I. Joe and Transformers and all of our parents knew this. My guess is Santa thought I'd be excited to have a Transformer-looking thing that fit my G.I. Joe figures. It was the best of both worlds in their logical minds. And that's the way it sometimes was behind closed doors. But, sorry Santa, I was a kid who loved the brands and Voltron just was no comparison for my shallow thinking.

Fast forward a couple of decades and now I see what I was missing out on. I'm no Voltron expert by any means, but now that I catch clips here and there, I'm wishing I at least gave it a chance. Lions, robots and lasers - oh, my!

Next month 5finity is releasing a series of Voltron sketch cards. And good luck finding them. The 999 packs 5finity had for dealers sold out in less than 12 hours. Another 300 packs will become available on the World Event Productions website on February 15 and sell for $22.95 each.

With more than 60 artists on board, there's bound to be a variety of styles and limited editions.

Here's the posted list of artists:
Amber Stone     
Andy Carreon    
Angel Gabriele    
Anthony Hochrein    
Ben Dunn    
Ben Glendenning    
Ben Hansen    
Brian Shearer    
Bruce Gerlach    
Bryan Turner    
Chad Cicconi    
Chad LaForce    
Chris Henderson    
Dan Schoening    
Daniel Campos    
Danny Kuang    
David Namisato    
Drew Moss    
EJ Su    
Eric Merced    
Fraim Brothers    
Frankie B Washington    
Gerard Conte    
Hanie Mohd    
Hayden Davis     
Howard Bender    
Jamie Snell    
Jason Worthington    
Jayson Kretzer     
Jerry Gaylord    
Jeremy Treece
Jess Hickman
Jim Kyle
Joe Rubinstein
Josh Lyman
Juan Fontanez
Justin Chung
Kelly Everaert
Kevin Graham
Lak Lim
Lorenzo Lizana
Luis Diaz
Manny Mederos
Mark McHaley
Matt Minor
Melissa Uran
Michael Duron
Nathan Ohlendorf
Nicole Goff
Paul Ballard
Paul Gutierrez
Ryan Odagawa
Ryan Orosco
Ryan Wilton
Scott Rorie
Sean Moore
Sherry Leak
Ted Dastick
Terry Tibke
Thomas Tuomey
Tim Baron
Uko Smith

Although I couldn't find any record of pack-issued cards, Voltron isn't totally new to the hobby. Topps and O-Pee-Chee each produced tattoo sets back in the mid-80s. Panini also made a sticker album and set in 1986. A quick check of eBay also turned up a couple of video cards, presumably distributed with tapes or DVDs.


cynicalbuddha said...

Ryan we've got to be the same age. I remember all that stuff. i really liked the lion volton not like that poser voltron with the cars. I was also into G.I. Joe, Transformers, and of course He-man. I wish I still had all that stuff as it's all kitch now. the sketch cards look cool. i see Justin Chung is on the artists list. His stuff is pretty kick ass. I just got a 1/1 sketch card from series one by Justin chung. He's got a great web site too.

Lonestarr said...

I watched Eric Merced coloring a few of his Voltron cards on his artcast recently. Very cool, and very good too. Got me very geeked up for these. Hope I can score one somewhere down the line.

steve4mod said...

I have a box of the Topps tattoos and all of the packs are still sealed. The hardcore fan might want to Google "Reebok Voltron". I own several pairs of these kick butt kicks. Thanks for the great article, Ryan! Steve