Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Favourite Cards of 2010 So Far

Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 5 released this week. Others might be chasing the sketch cards and actor autographs, I'll be happy once I pick up a base set, slide them into some pages and admire the varied artistic styles within. Although I don't have a set yet, from the images I've seen online, these are my favourite cards of the year thus far:

Empire propaganda! The trio of base cards are courtesy of Cliff Chiang. Not only are the cards themselves gorgeous, but they capture the look and feel of WWII propaganda posters. And they're funny as hell. 

The hobby seems to be taking a liking to "propaganda" as of late. First there was the Propaganda inserts in 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Baseball. A similar-looking set of inserts was also included in the just-released UFC Main Event. Those cards are nice too, but the style is pretty much the same and gets repetitive. Chiang's Star Wars takes are true originals each time.

Star Wars Galaxy 5 base sets can be found for under $10 plus shipping. Boxes seem to be running at about $70 a pop right now, but will likely rise another $10-15 once stock starts drying up. If you're an art fan even in the slightest, the base set is one of the biggest bargains the hobby has to offer.


Anonymous said...

Those are great! Dane Ault has been doing some similar stuff Art Deco style, he even did a Star Wars one (though his Superman and Batman ones are -great-)

darkship said...

If you want to wait a week or so I'll send you a base set for free! I'm getting several boxes and will probably have a couple extra! I love the propaganda cards as well but the rest of the cards rule as well!