Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So You Want to Be a Sketch Card Artist?

Non-sport manufacturer Breygent posted on Non-Sport Update Magazine's Card Talk today that they were looking for some artists for some upcoming sets. Interested artists would be expected to produce anywhere from 25 to 100 cards for each set they are selected for. The sets in question:
  • Golden Age of Comics
  • Cartoon Sketch Series
  • Woodstock Generation Poster Series
  • Sci-Fi Horror Posters
If you're an artistic type who is interested in being consider, please send Tom Breyer an email at tom@breygent.com.

I think it's very exciting to see Breygent reach out to the collecting community to help build sets. The card-collecting base is extremely varied, especially in the non-sport end of things, so there's bound to be some folks with interesting styles amongst us. Are you one of them?


Anonymous said...

I sent an email, we'll see what happens.

Ryan Cracknell said...

Good luck to you!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. I'm going to check it out too.

Anonymous said...

I emailed as soon as I found out (thanks to the good Wombat's timely retweeting skillz), and I'm now signed on for two of the sets! :D

Chadd Keim said...

Signed on to this set, myself. Looks to be a lot of fun, creatively.