Monday, February 01, 2010

That Was Fast: 2010 Topps Series Two Variations Revealed

Despite the fact that Topps hasn't appeared to have confirmed the short print list for 2010 Topps Series One Baseball, there's already early word on the variations for Series Two:

340    Cal Ripken Jr. (replaces John Buck)
350    Pee Wee Reese (replaces Price/Fielder/Braun Classic Combo)
360    Richie Ashburn (replaces Justin Morneau)
370    Thurman Munson (replaces Robinson Cano)
380    Mel Ott (replaces J.D. Drew)
390    Johnny Mize (replaces Ervin Santana)
400    Honus Wagner (replaces Alex Rodriguez)
410    Frank Robinson (replaces Oakland A's Team Card)
420    Dale Murphy (replaces Shin-Soo Choo)
430    Dizzy Dean (replaces Kazuo Matsui)
440    Nolan Ryan (replaces Willie Harris)
450    Eddie Mathews (replaces Omir Santos)
460    Jimmie Foxx (replaces Aaron Cunningham)
470    Mickey Mantle (replaces Yankees Team Card)
480    Tom Seaver (replaces Red Sox Team Card)
490    Roy Campanella (replaces Michael Bourn)
500    Tris Speaker (replaces Brad Lidge)
510    Eddie Murray (replaces yet-to-be-determined Classic Combo)
520    Ozzie Smith (replaces Randy Wells)
530    Ty Cobb (replaces Fu-Te Ni)
540    Ernie Banks (replaces Sean Rodriguez)

Not only is there a checklist, but they've also announced a finite print run: 3,000 copies of each variation.

Just getting this info early on instead of being surprised makes me personally feel much better, however there's no word on whether there'll be more pies to the face. Or if we're really unlucky we'll get some rookie variations with them dressed in their hazing garb).


dayf said...

Where did this info come from? Not that I don't trust you or anything, but I need corroboration in this duplicitous, Bip-happy world.

Ryan Cracknell said...

Magazine Exchange has an early checklist, sell sheet and set info posted. Combine the three and the set's coming together. I've just spent the past couple of hours reformatting the spreadsheet (including all base and inserts announced) into something that has some organization. I'll likely have it posted in the next 24-48.

night owl said...

Way to give Topps the idea on the hazing costumes. Not quite as annoying as pies to the face (just love that 1930s humor), but in the same ballpark.

deal said...

How the hell did Brad Lidge get a hero number like 500?? and why is he connected with Tris Speaker while Justin Morneau is connected with Richie Ashburn??

regardless good work by you