Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Addition to the E.T. Sketch Card Collection (Part 1)

My pruny friend E.T. will probably never see himself on another trading card set ever again. As much as I hate to admit it, his time has past. But that isn't stopping me from slowly building up a collection of commissioned sketch cards. Last week saw two additions to the collection, officially doubling it.

The first one is from Scott Zirkel, whose work I was introduced to via ye ole Wax Womat. The purpose of my collection is to focus on one subject and take in different interpretations. Zirkel brings a breezy cartoon take to E.T., pointing out both the alien's intuitiveness and slight hesitation toward the foreign world around him.

For those keeping tabs, through three commissions that I've posted, here's the E.T. sketch card collection:

Katie Cook - E.T. Sketch Card
 This one is from Katie Cook, who is gearing up for the release of a Fraggle Rock comic. Heck, yeah! Katie does a phenominal job capturing the "cute" in her subjects.

Ingrid Hardy - E.T. Sketch Card
This one is from Ingrid Hardy. I picked her work because I love the soft, realistic tones she uses. This was a perfect image to capture her style.

There's a fourth card sitting in front of me right now that I'll be sharing shortly. The process of the card is something I'd like to focus on so it'll have a post when I have some more extra time.


darkship said...

how the crap did you get Katie to do a commission for you! Ok that's just the jealous side of me coming through... Really cool cards, Did you have the artists come up with their own scene or did you give the specifics? Can't wait to see more

Ryan Cracknell said...

I got the Katie Cook probably a couple of years ago. Her life seems to have gotten a lot busier as of late.

Of the four that I've had done, I've split the specifics in half. The Cook and Zirkel were their own entirely with no guidance other than the fact that almost-dead ET freaks me out. I'm pretty sure with the Hardy that I requested the scene with Gertie but the bike scene was an added touch. My fourth one that I haven't posted yet was based on a specific scene with a source picture given.

The Wax Wombat said...

Yeah, seriously! How did you get a Katie-commission?!

Sheesh, I've been wanting her on one of my sets forever.

The Wax Wombat said...

Oh, disregard.. lol we posted at same time.

Offy said...

Those are all great, but the Cook is awesome. My wife got some of her stuff years ago and I almost pulled the trigger on some of her stuff back when she was doing her Hulk comic. It's been fun watching her popularity shoot through the roof.

I'm hoping she comes up to Wizard World New England or the cardboard gods smile on me when I open one of these non-sports sets.