Monday, April 19, 2010

Garth Ennis' The Pro Brings Another Instant Sell-Out Sketch Card Set

Yesterday 5finity put their latest all sketch card set for The Pro out for pre-sale. Not long after all 800 packs were sold out.

The Pro Sketch Card Series - Cal Slayton
Set for a June 15 release, the set is based on the comic created by Garth Ennis, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. The story pokes fun at superhero lore and follows the exploits of a super-powered hooker. So maybe for once the extra-large chest is for genuine giggles in the form of parody. I can't say that I've yet to read the one-shot comic, but the bit of research I did above certainly has me curious.

Each of the serial numbered packs contain at least one sketch card. However, like all 5finity sets from the past year, there'll be a handful of chase elements as well:

  • 50 Rare Artist Sketch Cards (1:16 packs)
  • 50 Hot Packs with 2-3 Sketch Cards (1:16 packs)
  • 20 Amanda Conner Sketch Cards (1:40 packs)
  • 10 Jimmy Palmiotti Sketch Cards (1:80 packs)
Overall odds for a chase pack are 1:6 packs. There's also 32 incentive sketch cards for dealers ordering 25 packs or more.

Here's the list of artists signed on for the set thus far:

The Pro Sketch Card Series - Joe Pekar
Adam DeKraker
Jayson Kretzer
Adam Hughes
Jeremy Treece
Allison Sohn
Jessica Hickman
Amanda Conner
Jim Kyle
Amber Stone
Jimmy Palmiotti
Andy Black
Joe Pekar
Anthony Hochrein
John Soukup
Anthony Lee
Jon Riggle
Arie Monroe
Josh Lyman
Arley Tucker
Juan Fontanez
Ben Glendenning
Justin Wayne
Ben Hansen
Kristin Allen
Bill McKay
Lance Sawyer
Brian Shearer
Levi Skeen
Buddy Prince
Lud Hughes
Cal Slayton
Luis Diaz
CH Miles
Luke Smarto
Chad Cicconi
Lynne Anderson
Chadd Keim
Manny Mederos
Charles Holbert
Mark McHaley
Chris Henderson
Matt Minor
Dane Ault
Michael Munshaw
Danny Kuang
Mick Collins
David Cutler
Nate Lovett
David Harrigan
Nate Stockman
Drew Moss
Nicole Goff
Ed Bickford
Otis Frampton
Frank Kadar
Patrick Finch
Frankie B Washington
Paul Gutierrez
Hanie Mohd
Remy Mokhtar
Hayden Davis
Rhiannon Owens
Irma Ahmed
Ryan Orosco
Scott Rorie
Jason Martin
Tony Perna
Jason Sobol
Ver Curtiss
Jason Worthington

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Anonymous said...

I was extremely lucky to get two packs set aside for me. Those suckers went super fast!