Monday, April 19, 2010

A Date with the True 90s Diamond King

I was certain last season was going to be Ken Griffey Jr's last. I also wanted oh so badly to make a short hop across the Juan de Fuca Strait and see him play while visiting my family back home in Victoria last summer. In both instances, it wasn't meant to be. Thankfully. Now I'm calling destiny.

The wheels are in motion for some big changes at the Trader Crack's household this summer. For making a trip to Safeco to see the Mariners, this should make it a much easier undertaking. With that in mind, I hopped online this afternoon and got me a couple of baseball tickets - October 3, the season finale between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics. Although I suspect the Mariners will be in the post-season, I also suspect this is going to be the regular season finale of the 90s generation's biggest icon.

Sure, others might have bigger career numbers and some of the most prestigious all-time records, nobody else captured the friendly spirit of baseball like Griffey when he was truly The Kid. I could get all long and winded about how that came to be and eventually pass, but that will come later in the season when it's more appropriate. Right now, I'm stoked to have a chance to be on hand for a special moment. And if it turns out Griffey's gas tank is ready for more, well, I'm sure I'll be able to accommodate that in 2011. But more on that later too when things are firmed up.

1995 Donruss Diamond Kings DK-27. Ken Griffey Jr.

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