Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Random Pack Break: Topps 2010 UFC Main Event (Rack Pack)

I finally found something at my local (Canadian) Wal-mart that wasn't hockey, Bella Sara or Pokemon and I caved to the idea of opening something I have very limited knowledge in, the world of mixed martial arts. Specifically: 2010 Topps UFC Main Event.

Let's see if the cards do their job and train me a little bit about the "it" sport of last year that's being juiced by Topps for all it's worth before the clock strikes midnight. The packs are rack packs featuring a massive 11 cards spread over two compartments. The first half:

15. Rich Franklin

131. Mike Pierce vs. Brock Larson "UFC Debut"

42. Randy Couture (I've heard of this guy.)

 Top 10 Fights of 2009 TT09-29. Nate Quarry vs. Tim Credeur
(So the insert set is about the Top 10 fights of last year yet this is card #29?)

105. Eliot Marshall

29. Nate Diaz

Second part:
8. Dan Miller

84. Chael Sonnen

147. Donald Cerrone "WEC Fighter"

134. Brian Foster vs. Rick Story "UFC Debut"

10. Anderson Silva

 Checklist 4

These cards have a lot of shine to them. However, I think that the foil board is used correctly to jazz up this set and give it a high-end feel. I do have one major issue with the design, though. The names are almost unreadable. Like many of my students who think it looks cool to convert their stories into so fancy font, the designers went overboard here. Not knowing who a lot of these fighters are, I'm not sure if I even typed their name correctly due to the fact that Old Antique or whatever this supposedly old fashioned typeset is tough make out the difference between the 'T' and 'C', amongst others. The backs don't make it much easier:

Overall, I kind of like this set. It's flashy yet straightforward. I got nothing too exciting and the Top 10 Fights insert set makes no sense to me whatsoever. But when you live far from a card shop and Wal-mart is the main spontaneous pack-purchasing alternative, I've certainly experienced worse.

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