Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hot Rod

A while back I sent a handful of WWE Heritage IV commons down to southern California Oregon to help Rod from Padrographs. I was happy to help him on his way to his set. A couple weeks back (yes, I'm waaaaay behind in my book keeping) I received a most shocking and amazing package in return.

Here's some highlights:


Other American Celebrity inserts from the awesome Topps American Heritage set:
Jesse Ventura
Michael Phelps
Charlie Sheen in embossed cartoon form!

Plus an ENTIRE set of Three Musketeers cards from SkyBox. While I'm on the topic of sets, there was also:
A complete set of Weird Wheels (circa 1980 from Topps), which is instantly one of my all-time favorite sets.

I know, I know, I am already spoiled. But that's not it. We've also got a 12-card set from Dark Horse featuring legendary comic writer John Byrne's Next Men.

Then we move onto an assortment of Heroes singles, which included perhaps the most unattractive shots of an attractive lady:

Speaking of pretty ladies, here's some Diva ink, Layla style:

Not only that, but there was also an event-used mat card featuring PAUL BURCHILL and some tattooed guy named Batista.

But wait, that's still not all. Take this all you Allen & Ginter lovers:

That's more than half of the Allen & Ginter Superstars minis from WWE Heritage IV, which are actually pretty tough to come by as they're only in retail packs.

This package just goes to show again that there's some great, great folks out there with tremendous generosity. Thanks VERY MUCH, Rod!

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Rod said...

Ryan, thanks for the shout out. I live in Portland, OR by the way.