Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball Variations Confirmed

Today Topps confirmed a total of six variations were included in the recently released 2009 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball. Although insertion rates were not released, the statement did reveal that they were "extremely rare." What the statement did not reveal was that they're also "extremely unnecessary."

But for those completists out there, here be the variants:

15. Dustin Pedroia, Yankees logo

83. Derek Jeter, Red Sox logo

250. Albret Pujols, All-Rookie Design

545. Neftali Feliz, Black and White Image

563. Pedro Martinez, Black and White Head Shot

569. Alex Rios, Black and White Head Shot

Occasionally, I like variants. In some retro sets, one can use the excuse of an homage that winks at an old error or variation. Even the stupid squirrel in 2007 Topps Baseball was kind of funny (at least to the Yankees fans who know of the squirrel). But seriously, who wants a Derek Jeter card with a Red Sox logo? Jeter fans don't like the Red Sox and Red Sox fans see Jeter as a sworn enemy. It's the same idea with Pedroia. The black and white images - whatever. And why do we need a random rookie trophy of a rookie from 2001?


Anonymous said...

The silly variations are a blessing. I have no interest in trying to pull the few Heritage High Number cards I want from over-priced packs.

This way, there should be an abundance of singles & team sets on eBay since the case breakers will have something worth chasing.

The Gooch said...

These are basically intentional error cards. Their value will be short-lived. Also, shame on Topps for putting a Red Sox logo on a Derek Jeter card. Blasphemy!