Saturday, March 13, 2010

More 2010 Topps Chicago Cubs Abraham Lincoln Variations

When Topps confirmed the Yankees pie-face variations a couple weeks ago, their announcement let word out that there were more variations to be found. They challenged collectors to figure out Abraham Lincoln's favorite team. I figured the answer might have something to do with the Nationals. It turns out Abe likes the Cubbies. JayBee announced earlier in the week that an Abe variant had been uncovered on Milton Bradley's card.

But it didn't end there. Since then, a total of four Cubs Lincoln variations have been uncovered.

2010 Topps Baseball 123. Jeff Samardzija 'Abraham Lincoln variation'
A cartoon Abe jumped out of the Mary Poppins sidewalk and went to watch a baseball game apparently.

2010 Topps Baseball 135. Ryan Dempster "Abraham Lincoln variation'
Abe wanted a better seat. He had some pull with Major League Baseball and landed himself a spot on the field.

2010 Topps Baseball 306. Milton Bradley "Abraham Lincoln variation'
Lincoln stopped the ball with his hat, the crowd went wild and he was plastered onto the field-level fence.

2010 Topps Baseball 326. Tyler Colvin "Abraham Lincoln variation'
Happy with his play, the Cubs took Abe on as a fielding coach. He took the job but insisted he remain true to his character and keep the hat and beard. The Yankees were also interested in Abe's services but when he refused to shave, they passed. Baseball card fans around the world (New York excluded) rejoiced because there's enough variation-love for the Yanks.

Initial prices for the variants are ridiculous but not surprising. The first three sold on eBay have all been in the $150 range. So you might want to scour your sets and extras because most of these variations are are extremely subtle.

Oh, and this is also a variation, but not a 'Lincoln variation' as some are describing on eBay. It's just one of the 20 Legends variants:

2010 Topps 90. Rogers Hornsby variation
I'll keep an eye out for any additional Cubs Abes. I suspect they'll pop up en mass in the next few days as word gets around. Topps will probably provide some confirmation soon as well. Insertion rates are also not known at this time and anyone taking a guess is speculating. Because it has taken a couple of months for these to be uncovered, many will probably go unnoticed for a while yet.


Anonymous said...

Great, now I have to look through my cards again...

Anonymous said...

Nope, nadda... Wow I have a lot of Topps. Eesh. Need to start sending 'em out.

John Bateman said...

Nice variations, I think these are more enjoyable to collect than all the inserts that topps had.

Jeff said...

This is cool stuff. I need to check out my cards again a little bit more closely.

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